An illustrator who has created a platform for self-care

Bhavya Doshi started The Doodle Desk on Instagram to create a dialogue around mental health and self-motivation through illustrations
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Why Bhavya Doshi’s doodles on Instagram are the daily dose of positivity that people count on

Why, look at Bhavya Doshi‘s cute and uplifting page on Instagram called The Doodle Desk. If the name doesn’t have you guessing already, it is a page dedicated to the cutest of illustrations that you’ll ever come across.

Doodling away to raise hope in Delhi

How Bhavya Doshi coloured the outlines of these drawings with accuracy, first inside and then the edges, followed by the center again


Catching Up With Bhavya Doshi, The Doodle Artist

Bhavya Doshi, an entrepreneur and doodle artist visions to positivity and de-stress millennials by short and quirky inspirational stories


Doodling for good cheer

Bhavya Doshi has a way of finding beauty in everyday things. And through her quirky, colourful doodles she shares it with the world