Art helps us capitalize on our obsession with colors, shapes, and happiness. It pushes us to think beyond what others can think, it feels good to make. It is so simple because it does not need any language, script, or vowels to understand. Henceforth, helps us connect to the whole world irrespective of location, caste, or cuisine. In a nutshell, a day at The Doodle Desk immerses us in my artistic endeavors with absolutely no distractions.

The Doodledesk (TDD) focuses on “the art of spreading joy” using illustrations with a positive message. The startup focuses on improving mental health and boosting happiness in the world. The brand kickstarted various uplifting challenges including “30 Day Happy Challenge”, “Joyous June” which is on Positive affirmations & self-help motivation. 


About Bhavya Doshi

Bhavya Doshi is Founder of TheDoodleDesk & DailyU.app. She is an artist & a visual-based motivational producer who believes in ‘the art of spreading joy’. She explored multiple roles in the corporate world, but in 2018 she suffered from severe depression after her parents died, and eventually pursued her love for art as a way to deal with it. She combined art with motivation & started a mental-health & self-motivation platform to help others. That is how The Doodle Desk came to life. TDD has now become an attestation of hope & a stress-management pitstop for more than 7M people each month.

She was also awarded by The Indian Express as 40 under 40 positively influential social-media superstar for her notable work. Bhavya has the utmost faith that art can change the world. She uses it to inspire & empower people of all age groups by designing minimal illustrations, each with a strong positive message.


About DailyU.app

As the pace of life gets faster, it sometimes feels difficult to keep up with everything and most importantly make time for what truly matters – our personal wellbeing. Been wanting to prioritize yourself but not sure where to start? DailyU will provide you with the positive tools that make prioritizing yourself an easier choice. Achieve personal goals with affirmations across multiple areas of life. Sleep better, manifest faster, heal well with goal-based music. Share your feelings with a judgment free community of like minded people. Made to be your go-to source of sunshine, Daily U will help you cultivate healthy habits, gain clarity and feel calm, daily.