Your faith can turn your trauma into healing.

Do you ever wish you could skip a hurtful experience just like you skip those ads on Social platforms? Well, you are not alone. We all wish we didn’t have to deal with the hurt that life makes us go through. We all wish that the baggage inside our hearts never made a room for itself in the first place. However, life is a series of different experiences. The good exists but so does the bad. To skip the latter isn’t entirely possible. But what is possible is to heal. To heal from what broke our hearts and left us shattered. And this healing starts with faith.

Faith that life put you through all the trauma for a reason. That the pain you endured had a silver lining to it even though you couldn’t see it. That it will shape you into a better person and the faith that all of it will finally make sense. So, keep this trust in the Universe alive. Know that it wants the best for you. Know that sometimes the way to a beautiful destination has thorns on it. But also know that it will be all worth it when you will reach the destination.