Your dreams will come true!

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Notice how you feel some of your dreams are attainable but others are not. You feel that they are too away from you to even think that you can catch them. But today we are here to remind you that no matter how far away your dreams may look to you, they are attainable. They are destined to be yours and in time they will find their way to you. Till then you keep the enthusiasm to pursue them, intact. Relentlessly work towards them with perseverance. And above them, have never-ending faith in the universe. Faith that it is conspiring everything in your favour. Think of life as a football match where you have the world’s best player in your team. Deep down you will know that you will win, right? The universe is that player and it is in your team.

So, get going. Let the preparations for the arrival of your dreams begin. Welcome them with trumpets, flowers and balloons. You, you bestie are so blessed, so strong, there’s nothing that is too away from you. Nothing that you set your heart on!