You’ll find magic, if you look for it

Have you heard the story of a boy finding a magic lamp and finding a genie friend in it? The story goes on narrating how his friend helped him in completing his wishes and what he wanted. In real life, we may or may not find such a lamp or a friend. But what we can find, is the magic that inspired that story.

If you really look for it, you can find it everywhere you see. It is in all the things we do, our kindness, our dreams and hopes. It is in the compliments of someone unknown and also, in the gestures of our own. It can be seen when you work with dedication towards your goal and you can see it when you hear your loved ones laugh. It is in the smile of a child or them running wild. If you wish to see magic, see it in the mirror. You, yourself, are the greatest proof of it. How you transform your obstacles into opportunities. Or how you make time for your loved ones even when you were certain you barely had any.

Magic of every little thing makes this world a huge magical place. We are the elements which keep creating and contributing to it. So, when you feel your belief diminishing in it, go have a look in the mirror. You would not have to look hard.