You will shine, when it’s your time!

Have you noticed the moon during its phases? The waning, the crescent? Moon reminds us of the natural beauty in all the phases that it carries. That even in its incompleteness there is something complete. So, on days you are not feeling very whole, remember you do not have to be complete all the time. These phases you are in, are part of your journey.

Moon conveys the message that there is absolutely no problem in waiting for your turn, to take the center stage. That the waiting is the path towards it. You know, how when you are doing a play, someone takes center stage and you have to be in the background for some time? To wait for your part to come or to support the one who is in the limelight right now? You can learn from the moon to be okay with being a supporting role in the play till it is your turn to be the lead. Light will shine on you, till then keep practicing your lines, so that when the time comes, you already are the leading character in the story.
Remember little moon, no matter what part you play, everyone has their days. Yours will come really soon. Be patient until it arrives.