You have the power to make your wish come true!

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How many wishes do you have? 1, 2 or 3? You know what, you have the power to make them all come true. Manifestation is a great way and perhaps the only way to activate this power. And today we thought of sharing a manifestation technique with you. All you need to do to perform this manifestation technique is a glass of water and then follow the below steps.

  1. Think what you wish to manifest.
  2. Write it down on paper in the most affirmative form.
  3. Place the paper beneath the glass of water. This will charge your water.
  4. Wrap your hands around the glass of water and after a few seconds have the charged water with the belief that it will fulfil your wish. Doing so will raise your vibrations and help you manifest your wishes faster.

Once you have performed the manifestation technique, sit back with immense trust in the universe. Trust that it will manifest your wish. There’s no other way that the universe works!