You have the power to change the world!

In the big wide world, how do you see yourself? Like a small fish in a big ocean? A fish no one would notice, even if it swam to the deepest corners of the ocean? A fish who wouldn’t be able to bring about waves of change even if it tried its best? Well, if you agree with the above statements, we are here to tell you that you alone are enough. You alone are enough just like many other revolutionaries who were alone in their journey and yet they managed to bring a revolution.

And when we talk about revolution, we don’t mean going on a strike to be heard. Revolution can be brought in the simplest ways as well. When you make someone who has only been hurt by others in the past, feel loved. When you leverage a skill of yours to change mindsets no matter the number of people your skill reaches to. Or something as basic as turning the tables and asking your mom if she has had food for a change. How is that as a thought?