You have the ability to create magic!

If you look a little deeper inside yourself, you will realize you have great magic within you. If you look a little deeper and acknowledge all the creativity that you have. Your ideas when acted upon add so much beauty to this world. And everything about you, the way you smile, the way you interact with the world has something so incredible about it.

You have words within you. Words that can create poetry and stories that inspire love. Your sweet melody brings tranquillity to the hearts. You can turn a blank sheet of paper into magic. There is such profound art within you that makes this world an extraordinary place to live in.

You have a heart full of miracles, you have a smile that can light up people’s day, you have such kindness that revives hope and you have a light that makes this world shine a little brighter each day. Everything about you is just so magical.

So, no matter what, keep believing in your magic. Light up this world with your sparkle, add a little creativity wherever you go and never stop spreading your shine to this world. Make this place a heaven to live in, for yourself and for everyone around you.

Keep your magic alive and felt, always!