You have always been ready. So just start!

Hey! How many times have you said no to a dream project because you felt you were not ready? Quite a few times? How many times have you closed your doors for life-changing opportunities because your mind asked you to wait for the right moment? Multiple times? You may not realise it now but by doing so you push away the good that is coming your way. And you convey to the universe that you don’t want this good to happen to you. The universe then gets confused and the good things take a little more time than usual to reach us.

But if you have been waiting for a sign all this while. This is it! We are here to tell you that you have always been ready. Right from the day you were born. For the greatest joys, the great victories and for that big career move. You have always been ready.

So, welcome the opportunities that come your way with open arms. Hold on to them tightly and don’t let self-doubt convince you to loosen your grip. Remember, they wouldn’t be here if you were not ready.