You don’t need to be like everyone else.

What sets you apart from everyone else can sometimes make you feel lonely. But, a lot of times, it can even make you feel significant. Different is nice. Different is unique. Your difference only adds to beauty, it takes nothing away. You never have to be like or look like someone else at all. Remember, if you know who you are deep down, then nothing can take away that truth from you. Embrace it and shine on. There is a special place for everyone in the universe. All are equally important and diverse. If not, nothing would function properly. You have a charm and a purpose too and only you can do it. It is important that you not only know this but also feel and believe it. Choose your little quirkiness. What you think is unusual might be the exact gift that someone else is looking for. Don’t forget that amidst all the thorns in your mind too, your heart grows stronger like a rose. Hold onto that inner power. And every moment will be worth it.