You don’t have to carry everything yourself!

We know you love the people around you and ensuring that they are protected and safe is something that comes naturally to you. We know that you would go to any extent to ensure that they are happy. But too much for others and too little for yourself is not right.

In case no one has told you before, you don’t have to manage everything on your own. And doing so won’t make you weak. It will only make you human. You don’t have to always be a giver. Sometimes you must take a step back to receive.

So, let go of your need to control the situations and the outcomes around you. Free yourself from the stress and burden it adds to your life, now and then. And simply let people and things be. Learn to ask for help whenever you feel the need. Collaborate with people you co-exist with. There are so many people who you are so selflessly kind towards. Allow these people to offer you the same kindness in return.

Always remember that just because you feel the need to carry everything by yourself, doesn’t mean you have to. Learn to take care of yourself first. Everything else will fall into place.