Enjoy where you are now!

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We sometimes ruin a beautiful day and then blame it on the day for not treating us any better. We are either too stuck in the past or too worried about the future to enjoy the present. What we fail to realise is that sometimes we need to free the present from the hurt of the past and expectations of the future. How about we start doing this from today? Sunday is a great day to start, isn’t it?

So, let’s not spend it dreading over the Monday that will follow it. Today, we will unplug from the worries that we think the coming week might add to our lives. And try to live in contentment, enjoying the day as is. Today, we will just make the most of every moment of this day-starting from the morning coffee to the scrumptious dinner at night. Today we will consciously pick experiences that will either make this day an enjoyable one or will rejuvenate us. Nothing more, nothing less.