You decide what is allowed in your life

Notice how we invite only some people to our homes? The others, don’t get to enjoy this privilege. This is because we choose who deserves this access to us. Same should be the case with our life. We should be picky about people and experiences that deserve our attention and energy. It’s okay if we don’t entertain everyone who knocks at our door. In fact, creating healthy boundaries is an act of self-care that we all should practice. But not always do we know the right away to perform this act.
Here are 3 simple ways to do it:

  1. Notice your energy: Spend some time with yourself to understand who or what boosts your energy and who or what drains it. Acknowledge the people or experiences that do the former and then give more of your energy to them.
  2. Start saying No: Practice saying ”No” to experiences or people that leave you feeling a negative emotion. Start with saying ”No” to the small stuff and then move on to the big.
  3. Prioritize yourself: At times being for others feels like the best thing to do. But you also need to prioritize yourself over others every now and then.

    These were the 3 ways to create healthy boundaries. Remember that you can be there for others only when you are there for yourself first.