You carry so much love, give some to yourself.

Hey you! We know you are a bundle of love and there is always some love left in you for you to share with everyone. And you give that love to the people around you without any second thoughts. It comes naturally to you, right? Keeping yourself second so that others could feel valued? Forgetting to listen to your needs because you are busy listening to that of others? And simply giving others the love that you too need at times.

But for our well-being, it is important that we prioritize ourselves. Especially at times when our mind, body or soul asks us to. Practising self-love is one habit that is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.
Here’s are some baby steps you can take on your journey towards self-love.

  1. Begin your day with a compliment. Compliment yourself for the way you look, the way you nail every task that comes your way or anything that you like about yourself.
  2. We are what we eat. Give your body food that will nourish it and keep it healthy.
  3. Your body is designed to move. So, go on walks, dance your heart out or just hit the gym.
  4. Disconnect from the critic within and be your cheerleader. Give this cheerleader the front row passes to your show called life.
  5. Spend time with people who not only push you towards being better but also ask you to slow down when times get tough.

Hey! Your self-love bus is here at your doorstep. All set to drive off to a land of wellbeing. Let’s begin your journey, shall we?