You are whole, no matter what phase you are in!

Don’t we all love to look at the moon as it shines through the night. What a wonder it is, no matter what shape, color or shade it reflects. It is beautiful and amazing just the way it is. And just like the moon, you too are wondrous. No matter what phase you’re going through in life, you are whole. 

There are countless experiences that we go through in life, sometimes we are standing in the dark and sometimes we are out there in the light. And in every situation, there is a part of us that is apparent and a part of us that’s hiding. But that does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Look around you, even if you don’t see it right now, but every bud that you see is a flower, every cocoon is a butterfly and every sapling is a tree. And just like them, we too are born complete. 

It takes a struggle to realize that you are strong, it takes a battle to realize that you are brave, and it takes a hardship to realize that you are tough.

You go through the shadows, before you shine again fully. So, no matter what phase you’re going through in life right now, just know that you are whole and loved just the way you are!