You are never too old for new goals and dreams!

Ageing is a biological process. We all age with time. But being ”young” or ”old” is a concept created by society. This society expects us to behave according to our age. It conditions us to believe that we all have to extremely successful before we turn 30 or else our life is a failure. It conditions us to believe that we or our goals shouldn’t be our priority after a certain age. And it conditions us to believe a lot of others things that are not true.

We are never too young or too old to pursue our goals or to do anything that lights a spark in us. Break free from the limiting beliefs of others. If you are 21 and wish to start something of your own, do it. If you are 40, have managed your family business for a major part of your life and now want to become an artist, do it. If you are a mother of two who wishes to now focus on the hobbies you had as a child, do it.

There’s nothing like too young or too old. It’s as baseless as telling that the earth is flat. Unless you think that it is!