You are growing even when you can’t see it

The days that you tell no one about. The days when you seek nothing but the warmth of your bed. The days you claim as your ”worst day ever” are the days when growth quietly makes room for itself in you. But you don’t notice it because it doesn’t announce its arrival. It makes no noise. However, one fine day you get to witness it and the change is added to your life. This is the day when you notice how things that troubled you in the past no longer do so. And this then feels liberating. The sleepless nights that we spent crying and the pain that we endured. All of it then makes sense.

May you get to experience growth that will make you go ”oh this is what that bad experience was trying to teach me”. May you look back on life from now to not dwell on the pain you felt but instead to focus on the lessons that you learnt.

So, just in case you feel that you are falling apart, know that soon you will fall into something new. Know that this is just a warm up for the growth that about to change your life very soon.