You are everything you need!

Right from our childhood, the books and the films have made us believe that there is someone for us out there. Someone who will come on a white horse to save us from all our miseries. Someone who would protect us like a superhero and ensure that we are safe.
This is why we spent a major part of our lives looking for others to add happiness to our lives. As though we were a half, looking for someone to make us a full.

But as we grow older we realise that we are on our own. The lonely lights and the silent battles, they woke us up. They made us realise that no one is coming to rescue us and to be our knight in shining armour. They made us acknowledge how we have to be one for ourselves. And isn’t it how it should be?

My friend, be comfortable to be there for yourself. Be loud and proud about it. In wars and battles, protect yourself before others. Remember that no city would have been saved if the superheroes didn’t save themselves first.