You are allowed to set boundaries

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You love being kind and compassionate with others, don’t you? Bringing a smile on faces of others cheer you up. You wear selflessness everyday like it’s your favourite costume. You have made yourself a home full of “yes’s”. You find yourself with no room for “no”.

But always saying yes to others sometimes means saying no to your own self. This further means that you are not setting healthy boundaries with the people around you. Boundaries that will help your inner peace stay intact. Boundaries that will protect you from the toxicity that the world sometimes throws on your way. And boundaries from what drains you.

This is why at times you feel overwhelmed by others and the things they do. You give out so much of your energy to others that you are left with almost little or none for your own self.

But it’s high time that it changes. High time you realise that setting boundaries doesn’t make you a bad person. It only ensures that you are good to your own self too as much as you are to others.

Set boundaries from today. Say no when saying a yes feels overwhelming.
You will remain kind and compassionate even when you do so.