Wipe away your blues!

You know those days when you wish earth spun on its axis faster. 24 hours in a day looks too long for you to handle. When asked by a friend- the reason to be so low, you have no concrete answer to give.
We just want you to know that it’s normal to feel melancholy on some days. Even the sun doesn’t shine equally on all days.

If on such days, you feel like sleeping the entire day or having an old hobbie to the rescue, you are allowed. If you feel like taking some hours for yourself before you put yourself out before the world, you are allowed. You are allowed to do everything that it takes to wipe the blues away.

So, find out what works for you and then bring it into practice. If you find yourself feeling guilty for not showing up for yourself and others, remember that you don’t really need to live such days, surviving them is enough.