Whatever makes your soul happy, do that!

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How many people are you answerable to? Your parents? Your boss? We have some questions for you! Are you answerable to your soul? Do you do what it says or do you procrastinate? We hope you do the former. Because while we may have many people in life to take orders from, the one that wishes nothing but the best for us is our soul.

Listen when it speaks to you and do what it asks you to. It’s your duty to keep it happy. A happy soul ensures a happy life, you know? Today take out some time and make a bucket list if you haven’t already. Then let your soul tell you everything that you should add to this list. It could be as basic as scribbling the wall of your room or as big as saving for a year to travel to the city of your dreams.

But if you do decide to scribble the wall, let no one know that we advised you to do so. LOL! Just saying!