What you want exists, so don’t settle until you get it

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Do you hear what I hear? That’s the sound of an abundant life calling your name. Take a moment to think of something you strongly desire. Is it a new home, a new love, or a new job? We are here to tell you that you have everything you need to get it. We all do. It comes naturally to us just like so many other things. But to get what we desire, we must believe it exists and ask for it out loud–with passion, determination and faith. Doing so will ensure that we wake up as our greatest selves.

Once our beliefs are in alignment with the life we wish to create, the next step involves working relentlessly towards our goals. And not letting the obstacles that we face convince us to settle for anything less than we deserve. This applies to friendships, relationships, happiness, dream job and more. There exists the best version of all of them and we must paddle our way through the deserts and the rivers to reach them.

Bestie, be it your morning coffee or your biggest dream, never settle.