What you focus on, you manifest!

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You are the creator of your reality. The life that you living is solely created by you or let’s break this down and say that it is created by your thoughts. What you think, you manifest and what you manifest becomes a reality. Sometimes, immediately and sometimes it takes a little while. This makes it extremely important for us to be picky about our thoughts. As picky as we are about the food that we eat. As picky as we are about the clothes that we wear. As picky as we are about the friends that we make.

The truth is whatever we give more power to, manifests. And we as human beings often find ourselves holding on to the bad thoughts and the bad feelings without realising that the more we feed these feelings and thoughts, the more powerful they become. So, shouldn’t we channelise all of this energy feeding our positive thoughts. And if at all we fail to naturally think of positive thoughts, shouldn’t we make it a deliberate choice to do so?

Is it that hard? Maybe it is. But will it be worth it? For sure!