What you feel, you attract!

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Let’s accept it, sometimes it feels like our feelings are barely in our control. The moments of helplessness we experience when negative emotions take over us. And we just don’t know how to not dwell on them.

But do you know that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our life? Negative thoughts and feelings attract more negativity in our life. The more we dwell on the good, the better it gets. What we focus on, grows. This applies to money, love, goodness in people and more. This is what some of the most successful people believe in and you should too. If you too wish to live the life of your dreams.

Think of life as a building and your thoughts and feelings as bricks. Your build life with one thought and one feeling at a time.

Let’s accept it, our feelings are in our control. Only if make it a decision to hold them by the collar. Only if we ensure that they are in sync with the life we wish to create.