What is meant for you will find you!

You, me and everyone we know, we all want a lot from life. We want it so desperately that we are willing to go through the hassle that will come our way. We work day and night to pursue them with a belief that doing so will make our dreams come true. But there is an energy that knows what we deserve and at the right time, it will ensure that it finds us.

Till then we need to remember that unanswered prayers are blessings at times. And failures are just stepping stones on the road to success. Till then we need to relax and allow some things to happen on their own.

This applies to every area of life. Sometimes we repel experiences and opportunities when we fight for them. Trust and faith in the universe will ensure that our wishes get manifested in the smoothest ways.

Fun fact: The universe knows you better than you know yourself. It knows what you are deserving of and it will direct it towards you. VERY, VERY SOON!