What is coming is better than what’s gone!

No doubt, a lot has been experienced. We have seen both, the highs and the lows. We have felt joy as well as sadness. We have seen the good and the bad. We have known both, the better and the worse of everything.

Some days it was more of good, while on the others, the latter. Some days might have made us hopeless. And it might have seemed that we have seen all that possibly could be, all that had to be known, and all that had to be experienced.

But hold on, that’s not it my friend.  Just when we think we have known it all, we have felt the best and we have seen the highest. Life always surprises us with more, it keeps giving us new achievements to unlock, more exciting people to meet, more laughs to share, new records to make, more heights to reach, and as life goes on, the list goes on. It keeps bringing us the better of everything, does it not?

So, no matter what is happening in your life, whether you are experiencing the lows or you feel you have reached the best. Always know that what is coming is better than what’s gone. Keep moving forward with the hope of a compelling future. And as you go on, you shall keep learning, growing and developing, and you shall only become better with each day.