Visualize the best version of yourself

As you begin to read this, I want you to let yourself be in a relaxed position, distance yourself from every distraction and breathe. Now take a moment and smile to yourself. Take a moment to show love and to appreciate the person that you are right now. Whatever you are, you’re good.

Now slowly dive into your deeper self, a self that you desire to become. Picture yourself happy, healthy and satisfied. Imagine yourself in a place of your dreams, and as a person you wish to be. Visualize the best possible version of yourself. Don’t limit your possibilities, allow yourself to expand your imagination. Feel every moment as you visualize it, as if it were reality.

Now after this, I want you to go and stand in front of the mirror. The reflection that you see is the self that you just pictured. Tell that person that you’ll soon meet, it may be six months or ten years from now, but you will meet. And that day you will again look at yourself in the mirror, only this time you will see the person that you are, the person of your dreams.