Unlock your potential!

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To the beautiful human being who is reading this:
You think you have figured yourself out. You think you know what you are made of. Your strength and your skills, you think you have decoded it all. This is why you go around telling everyone and yourself that some things are out of your league. But in reality, you just haven’t unlocked your true potential.

In reality, you haven’t given those things the amount of hard work and dedication that they deserve. In reality, you have let the excuses get to the best of you. But do you realise how by doing so you’ve become an obstacle in your path to success? The success that right now seems too far fetched. Why would you do that?

It’s time you let go of the perceptions you have of yourself. It’s time you become curious about your potential. Try testing your limits. Try pushing yourself a little more with every attempt. Maybe you will then discover a version of yourself that you had unintentionally locked for years. Maybe you will finally free yourself.