Unexpected friendships are the best ones

When you look closely, you see that there are so many people that you have in your life that you share a bond with. Each one of them has a unique connection with you, each has a value to add, and holds their own place in your life.
But there are a very few with whom you share the closest connection. The people with whom you share every detail of your life, with whom you do not feel the need to hide your flaws, and with whom you find yourself the happiest.
And when you look back you realize they are mostly the ones you never thought would some day hold such importance in your life. You meet them in the very unexpected of ways and the very uncertain of times, you might even have felt otherwise for them at some point. But then life took such turns, that you now find them to be the best part of your lives.
And such bonds are so pure because they were not asked for, they were not even thought of, because sometimes in life we might not know what we can have in life. But then such people come and they bring something so extraordinary with them, they bring something new to your life, they bring something other than what you expected from life and they allow you to see what you didn’t know existed. Such friendships are the blessings we never asked for but the universe knew we needed them. So it blessed us with them. Today, pour your heart out to such friends. Tell them that you’re glad your friendship happened. But while you do that, spare a minute to tell the universe that it did a good job!