Trust the magic of new beginnings

Beginnings don’t always bring will them warm and fuzzy feelings. In fact, at times they come with tons of nervousness and fear. Is it the right time? Are we capable of handling them? And numerous others thoughts that make us wonder if we are ready to embrace these beginnings? But what we fail to notice are the possibilities that new beginnings carry along with them. Possibility of new experiences. Possibility of new happiness. The one that we have been craving all our life. Possibility of new companionships and more.

And maybe if we just trust the magic of new beginnings instead of dreading them, they might surprise us in the most beautiful ways. If we look forward to them with the trust that they are here for our good, they will be here just for that. We create what we think, right?

If you have apprehension of anything new that is about to come your way, this is your sign to not feed that fear. And if you are someone who is scared to take that first step towards that new beginning, this is a sign to just go for it. You have always been ready.