Truecaller Doodle!

Everyday nothing changes, but when you look back everything changes! So true!

Doodle using everyday objects: socks used as telephone.

Remembering the good old childhood days when the result of the race decided who would answer the phone.
The feeling of slamming the phone, post-breakup was like a natural healer. Ending the call on your mobile or tab doesn’t feel the same, right?
That blank call would make you wonder for hours, which crush must have called to hear your voice!
Giving miss calls to your bff as soon as you reached home from school was a different feeling altogether.

But, then again respecting the old for what it has given us and giving way to new things is the WAY OF LIFE, right friends?

modern world solution

In today’s world it’s so important to have the right kind of information for both people and businesses. We always don’t have the time to search the phone book for the contact information. Amidst important discussions we also miss very important calls from friends and family. What’s better than downloading the app that helps you saves time, block spam, identify caller information so that you are at ease at all times!

The Truecaller ecosystem consist of Truecaller, Truedialer & Truemessener. All have their own utility and as of now acting as replacement to my default phone applications (dialing and messaging apps). The key features that I liked about Truecaller is ability to search beyond my contact list (I now know who you are!), live caller ID (to see who’s calling me!) & call block (Goodbye customer care & other buggers!).

How life is dependent on TRUECALLER Ecosystem!

The Truedialer automatically adds names and photos to your call log, making the world a easier place for people like me who receive spam and important calls about 30 a day and mostly from unidentified callers. It helps me when I need to call back on one of those unknown numbers for any important work and especially when I had totally forgotten to save their number due to the regular hustle bustle!
Makes my phone truly smart, saving my overall time. Love this application amongst the other apps in my ‘utility’ widget!

And, then when I found out about the Truemessenger, my other half of problems were solved! Spam sms’s sent by builders, spas, hairloss, weight gain, 50% shopping sale never stop! I’m so sick and tired of the continuous flow of these text messages which have sworn to irritate me day in and day out!
Truemessenger tells you who sent you that SMS even if they are not in your contacts, and automatically blocks spam, keeping your inbox safe and clean.
Did you read,”clean?” YES, ALAS CLEAN INBOX!