True friends remind you that you are not alone on your journey!

True friends, they never leave our side. Not when the reunions start to reduce in number and not when the communication starts to fizzle out. They accompany us in our celebrations and stand by us during the lows. If you have one such friend, know that you are blessed. If you are one such friend, know that you are a blessing.

True friends make our life worthwhile and give us memories that we cherish forever. We laugh, gossip and giggle with them but we also feel comfortable enough to sob and cry around them. And they on the other hand, never judge us for doing so.

If this made you think of a friend/friends, take the initiative to talk to them. Order them their favourite food or simply drop a heartfelt message of gratitude right into their DMs. You can also send this to them and remind them to do the same for you.

On a side note. Bestie, you must always remember that the universe will always be one such friend to you.