True friends make you believe in yourself

Sometimes in our lives, we have all been through phases of self-doubt, low self esteem, confusion, doubt and uncertainty, right? And if you have been through such a phase, you would agree that coming out of it is not so easy. But does it not get a lot easier when you have someone who believes in you despite what you keep thinking about yourself? And that is the point in life when a friendship or any relationship is truly tested. 

To be there to celebrate someone’s highs doesn’t require much effort. But what truly tests the genuineness of a connection is when a person chooses to stay with you through the lows of life as well. When someone makes an effort to lift you up through the rough times. And when someone stays right by your side motivating you, just to watch you fly to your dreams. That someone, who not just believes in you, but makes you believe in yourself too is what a true friend looks like.

So, if you have got that someone, someone whom you can call your true friend. Someone who has made you believe in yourself. Always keep them close, be grateful for them, thank them, cherish them and make sure that you too are there for them just as they are there for you.