This too shall pass

Hey! Now that you are here, I urge you to first take a deep breath and think of 5 things you are grateful for. Done? Good job! We all know the times we are in aren’t the best. We are constantly surrounded by uncertainty and gloominess. Our sources of entertainment have now become sources of despair with television, social media and newspapers constantly feeding us with numbers and stats that make us fear the unknown. And just when we needed to be with our families and friends the most, some of us have no option but to cope up with all of this alone. But?…but?…but before we get stuck in an endless loop of sadness, let’s remind ourselves that this is as temporary as the sadness we have experienced before. That this too won’t last forever. That this too shall pass. 

Let’s learn it from the moon to accept every phase with grace and to let go of the phase that doesn’t serve us anymore. Recognise what the phase you are in expects you to be. Does it want you to be emotionally strong? Does it want you to be calm? Or does it simply want you to binge your favourite show and take a break from everything that’s happening around you? And then, be it!. Also, the Universe has asked me to tell you that just because you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel right now doesn’t mean there isn’t.

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