Things you should never apologise for!

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We’ve been taught in childhood that saying ”please’, ”sorry” and ”thank you” is a good habit. And like the good kids that we were, we incorporated this good habit and rightly so. But as we grew, we used one of these words far too often and that word is sorry. Now, don’t get us wrong, apologising is never a bad thing to do. But there are a few things that you should never apologise for.

  1. Focusing on yourself

Your friend asks you to meet you but instead of meeting them you want to spend time recharging yourself. Yes, never apologise for that.

2. Your growth

People around you start to feel intimidated by your thoughts and actions. You lose some people because of the same. Never, ever apologise for your growth.

3. Setting boundaries:

A colleague of yours is getting too involved in your personal life and you set a boundary with them. You needn’t need to apologise for this.

4. For saying no

Your sibling makes a joke that hurts you. You ask them to never make that joke again. Yes, never apologise for doing so.

Remember, apologising is a good habit but we must never apologize for putting ourselves first. Self care isn’t selfish!