Things to let go of!

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The reason why you feel heavy emotionally is that there are emotions that you refuse to let go. But this is a sign that you must let go of everything that drains you and adds no value to your life. We know it’s easier said than done but taking little steps today will help us reach our goal, tomorrow.

So, how does one let go? Firstly, by recognizing the emotions that we need to let go of. For this, you might want to sit down with yourself and introspect a little. Recognize the experiences that you are hung upon. Acknowledge the emotions they make you feel. Understand that they no longer serve any purpose and then emotionally release them.

However, our past isn’t the only thing that we must let go of. There are other emotions as well.

Let go of the mistakes you once made. Forgive yourself for making them just like you forgive your friends when they make a mistake.

2. Fear?
Let the fear of the future go. Know, you can never control your future but you can always control your present.

3. Self-Doubt?
Let go of the voice in your head that makes you doubt yourself. Remember, there’s nothing you can’t do.

4. Comparison?
Comparison kills happiness. Don’t compare your life with that of others. Let go of the need to compare.

Let go of all this and let go of more. Free yourself from the baggage that you have been carrying all along.