Things to let go of:

There are certain habits, moments or emotions that when held onto for long, start pulling us back in life. They hinder our progress and prevent us from reaching our best in life. And therefore it is necessary that we let go of them.
Because whenever we set out to do something in life, we are often reminded of the mistakes that we might have committed in the past. Or it brings back our fears which further leads to self doubt and confusion. And it makes us hesitant in the task we wanted to accomplish.
But for any task to be accomplished successfully, it is important that we let go of the thoughts that in any way limits our potential or brings down our confidence. And then only can we put our complete focus on what we aspire to achieve.
The process of letting go is no doubt difficult to implement, but if you are determined to do something in life, it becomes easy with practice. And once you practice it, it will allow you to lead a more peaceful, happier and productive life as a whole.
So, make up your mind that you will not let self doubt, any confusion or your fears come in the way and neither will you allow yourself or anyone to compare yourself to others. You will focus your energy on your progress alone. And you will overcome all hurdles that come in your way.
And we hope that you reach whatever you aspire to achieve.