Things to give yourself

Throughout our lives, we are surrounded by so many people. Amidst these people, we forget the ones we are closest to: We forget ourselves.
Between the hits and the misses, between weekdays and weekends, between family and friends, we tend to neglect ourselves. We continue to do this till we reach a point of emotional and mental breakdown. But this breakdown can be easily avoided if we give the below to ourselves:

Permission: Permit yourself to explore that side of you that you haven’t discovered yet. Go to places that you have never been to before and make newer memories. Try to loosen up and embrace the new experiences that come your way instead of holding on to the old.

Patience: Be patient with yourself on your bad days. Be patient while you are learning something new. And be patient when you are letting go of your old patterns.

Break: When life starts to feel heavy, allow yourself to take a break. Do something that recharges and rejuvenates you till you fill your cup again.

Forgiveness: Notice how you find it easier to forgive others for a mistake than to forgive yourself? Give yourself the same forgiveness every time you disappoint yourself or don’t get that promotion, or that dream goal.

Love: Above all, be gentle towards yourself. Be empathetic towards your feelings. Love the parts of you that you are proud of but also embrace the ones that you hide from the world.

Mentioned above are the greatest things you can give to yourself. Wrap them up and gift them to the person you are the closest to. What are you waiting for?