Things to do for yourself.

You, you have a good heart. A heart that asks you to be there for people. A heart that asks you to keep others first. And a heart that no matter how tired, likes to see the good in others. And none of this is wrong. In fact it’s one of the nicest traits anyone can have. But my dear friend, in the process of being there for others, you shouldn’t forget to be there for yourself. The love you so kindly offer to the world, you need some of it too.

So, give it to yourself. Love yourself and everything that makes you, you. Support yourself during times that are not so favourable. Pray for yourself just like you pray for your friends and family. Give yourself a pep talk when you feel low. That’s what you do when your friend feels low. Right? Encourage yourself to do big things. Be your biggest cheerleader. And always, always speak highly of yourself.

The relationship that we have with ourselves sets the tone for the relationships that we have with others. So, work on the most important relationship of your life first. The one you have with yourself.