There is no right way to feel right now

There are times in life when we feel like the odd one. We stand out from the crowd but in a not so positive way. During these moments we look at everyone around us and wonder why do we feel different. Why do we not feel the happiness that the world is gushing over? Sometimes it’s also the opposite. If you feel this way right now or if you have ever in the past, tell yourself that there is no right way to feel. Remind yourself that we are all different. The experiences we face are all different. And hence, it is okay if our feelings are different from that of others.

There is no right way to feel. Now or ever. All feelings are valid. Being low when a New Year has just started, while the world around goes gaga over it, is okay. Being excited about an activity you really like while everyone considers it kiddish is okay. And not having a name tag for your feelings is also okay.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like the odd one. And if you still do, remember it’s okay to be odd at times.