There are so many reasons to be happy!

To my dear friend reading this:
I know sometimes you feel like there’s nothing to be happy about. But I want you to look around and look for reasons to be happy because that’s what it takes at times to find true happiness. Look at your parents who act as a shield in tough times. Look at your pet who loves you selflessly. Look at the sun that brings with it infinite new possibilities. Look at the moon that symbolises that a day, no matter how bad will come to an end. Look at the music system that you cling to in moments, both good and bad. Think of your friends you get to laugh your heart out with. Think of the food that soothes your soul.

All of this and more should be your reasons to be happy and to feel blessed. While it’s okay to hustle for material pursuits, happiness can simply be found in the ordinary. But only if you are willing to look for it.

So, cheer up buddy, you have me, and you have so many other reasons to be happy. And we hate when you take us for granted!

Your dear friend,
The Universe

2 thoughts on “There are so many reasons to be happy!”

  1. thanks so much. had a sad day was crying. this msg made my day. I will see my cats n be happy

    1. Hello Seema, good to know that our post was helpful for you. We hope you’re feeling better now. Just want to tell you that everything will be okay.

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