The world needs your light!

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You! Yes, you! You are the light that the world needs. You with your words and actions make the world so much better for others to live in. The way you don’t shy away from offering help to a stranger. The way you offer treats to a stray dog. The way you don’t mind embarrassing yourself before friends and family just because you want to see them smile and laugh. All this and so much more. The world needs it.

If you ever find yourself in moments when you think otherwise, remind yourself of the light you carry. It’s this light that makes the stars shine and flowers bloom. It’s this light that makes people feel at ease and good about themselves.

Stand tall and firm. Know what your light is capable of and then light every path you walk on.

You may think of yourself as a little firefly but know that your light is enormous enough to light up the world. Shine on!