The world is yours!

It’s time to make yourself believe that everything the world offers is yours to have. The confidence that you crave is craving for you too. The money that you wish to have is destined to be yours. The success that you work so hard for every day is waiting for you to have it. The love that you so deeply desire is ready to shower on you.

The whole wide world is yours. And it is waiting for you to realise it. It is waiting for you to claim your power and demand it to offer you everything that you want. So, don’t think twice, don’t hesitate, simply ask the world to give you what’s yours.

No, it’s not silly to ask for what belongs to you. Are you ever reluctant to ask someone to return the book that they borrowed from you? No, right? Then why shy away from asking the world to give you what’s made to be yours.

Today, make a list of all the things that you truly believe are yours and tell the world to give all of them to you. Command it, demand it and receive.