The quiet moments are the sweetest!

Sitting by your window, sipping hot tea from your favourite mug while it rains outside. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your home. Sitting with a friend, exchanging not a word but still knowing how much they love you and vice-versa. These are all the quiet moments. The moments in which the silence helps us listen to something beautiful. Not everything needs to be communicated. Silence is golden. The silence you feel once you unwind from a crazy day at work. The silence you feel on a weekend when notifications from work don’t pop up every 5 seconds. Or the silence you feel when you embrace solitude.

But there’s a silence that’s the sweetest. It’s when your mind is at ease. When your mind doesn’t hop from one thought to the other. When the heart does race but not out of anxiety but excitement. When your soul finds contentment.

Let’s chase such sweet moments of silence. Let’s give ourselves a break from all the noise around us and just listen to everything that the silence want us to hear.

FYI: Sunday is a great day to start!