The only way to find a good friend is to be one

As you look around, you see so many people that surround you, so many people you interact with and so many people you talk to. But then there’s this person, this one person, and just their presence is enough to brighten up your day. It is the person that you can proudly introduce as a friend. It is you and them that matters, together. It is the uniqueness of the bond that matters. It is the connection you share, that matters.

The connection that is made of many little pieces, a million smiles, a thousand promises and all the moments in between. The little things that you do for them and the little things that they do for you. The sorrows that you smile away together, the laughs that you share on all the lame jokes and the crazy compliments you give to each other.

Friendship is about showing up even before they ask, friendship is about listening what they do not speak and friendship is about understanding what they do not show. It is about giving what you expect to be given. Give out your hand, and you will find a hand to hold. Because the only way to find a good friend, is to be one!