The art of letting go!

The wisest people have one thing in common. They all ask us to let go of our past. But letting it go doesn’t seem to be easy. Afterall all our experiences and memories are very much a part of us. We are who we are because of them. It’s like being asked to give away our childhood toys to someone? Obnoxious! But letting go is a skill that needs to be mastered. A skill that will help us make space for new memories and experiences. A skill that will help us let go of what no longer adds any value to our lives.

Here are some more ways you can be a pro at letting go.

  1. Realise when it’s time to let go.
    This is the first step. You must recognise when your past starts to hold you back instead of being your driving force. And then be dedicated to letting it go.
  2. Don’t engage in a blame game.
    Blaming yourself and others won’t do any good. Accept what happened and move on.
  3. Practice forgiveness.
    Forgive people and yourself, earnestly.
  4. Take your time to heal.
    Take care of your wound and remember you’re allowed to take your time to heal.
  5. Look forward to better experiences.
    Have faith that life has planned something great for you in future. And look forward to it.