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Hey bestie!
Have you ever wondered how cool it would have been if you had a friend who’d give you daily doses of inspiration and love, who would remind of everything that you’re capable of and of everything that you deserve. You can find that friend in us. How? By joining the TDDTribe! An all exclusive club where we send you all of the above and more right into your inbox. Wish to be a part of this club? Join by simply filling out the registration form and we will get back to you.

483 thoughts on “Join #TDDTribe”

  1. Anjali Gangrade

    Congratulations, you guys are doing great… just a single word sentence can heal somebody’s pain or give somebody a smile during their tough time but you guyz came up with store full of those words and. May God forever shower his blessing on beautiful people like you all keep it up keep going. God bless you .. and once again thankyou for sharing your pretty soothing words to me I’ll suggest it to my friends too…

  2. Thank you for inspiring! I just love your posts! Doodles are so cute and keep spreading good vibes ❤

  3. It’s been a year I am a part of the TDD tribe and I must say, even a single day has not been missed where the team has not sent our daily morning dosage. Though I’m not glued to my phone or whatsapp all day long, I make it a point to read the daily message from the doodle desk and start my day. Kudos to Bhavya and team for the thought provoking and life changing messages sent. Some thoughts are soo simple yet in this busy world we forgot to appreciate and understand it. Really happy and proud to be a part of the tribe.

    1. Awww.. Thanks Treta for such a lovely gratitude. This message means a lot for us. We are also working on something special for TDD Tribe and will update you 1:1 soon.

      Keep on sharing the daily artwork with friends and family.



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