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Have you ever wondered how cool it would have been if you had a friend who’d give you daily doses of inspiration and love, who would remind of everything that you’re capable of and of everything that you deserve. You can find that friend in us. How? By joining the TDD Happy Club! An all exclusive club where we send you all of the above and more right into your inbox. Wish to be a part of this club? Join by simply filling out the registration form and we will get back to you.

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  1. Every morning after seeing your doodle I just feel that , that’s the way to live life and enjoy every moment with smile on face no matter how difficult the situation is .
    THANK YOU ? from bottom of my heart.

  2. Each day is a happy day and every story of my life i have been through is a happy story,e if it teared me apart it had some happy messages hidden inside which made me more positive and more grateful 🙂

  3. Doodling has become a form of therapy from the young age of 13. Now I’m almost 25 and it has helped me more than anything else I’ve tried.

  4. Doodling has always been the best way to channel different emotions into something creative and relaxing. And The Doodle desk has shown numerous ways for recreating it! In love with this community ❤

  5. Doodles you people are simple but very meaningful and it can actually change people’s mood immediately . It is like short notice of positivity and happiness . Just loving it ! Spread happiness !!!!

  6. Doodles r best… As you feel happy always seeing them and also cute smile come on your face while seeing them?

  7. Doodles make my day. Waking up to happiness☺ brightens n helps me breathe and have some me time.

  8. Doodles make me happy, and i always share doodles with my family and my squad, so that they can feel good if they are having bad mood day.

  9. Doodles everyday is a kind of motivational thereapy for me . It keeps me positve all the time .

  10. Doodles are too awesome, I always love to see your new Doodles its versy interesting and helpful. You’re work is lovely. Keep it up ?

  11. Doodles are symbol of happiness. They bring out that little kid in you . One can express their sadness,happiness or even love with the help of Doodles. Everyday I am happy to see the doodles. It gives pleasure to my eyes .

  12. Doodles are a way of expressing a meaning behind every reason. You people are doing really a great job. The colors and the different concepts you come up with are so beautiful. Seeing your doodles even I want to do something same like yours and create every message special.

  13. Don’t be disappointed when things didn’t go as you have planned, God is the best planner, He must have planned something better.

  14. Despite all short comings in life, there are still some wonderful people who stand by you…. Make life better n lively …

  15. Creating a smile upon those who are in a gloomy situation is the most important thing in the life

  16. Close your eyes for 1-2 minutes clear your mind and you will see world with different perspective

  17. Bringing someone laughter or happiness has been the most fulfilling thing that I’ve ever done. Kudos on making it this for and cheers for the journey here after guys!

  18. Being fit also give positive vibe and energy so try to workout or doing yoga or dance just to released stress

  19. Be positive… Live a happy life by care n helping others… Making them more comfpcomfor❣️

  20. Be positive and make things happen in proper way….help people with kind heart… Share happiness how much you can?

  21. Awesome doodles which are so much related to our lofe. Gives energy at some tough situations love lt.

  22. At times when the day goes depressed/dull, seeing some colours,lights, being gratitude to the Universe/Almighty/Nature for the blessings helps me come out of depression..!
    Diving into Gratitude (thanking for what we have) is the best form of getting out of depression..

  23. Art never responds to the wish to make it democratic; it is not for everybody; it is only for those who are willing to undergo the effort needed to understand it.

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