Tame your fears!

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We all have some fears in life. Some we gradually grow apart from while others continue to linger in our lives. However, what we fail to realise is that we subconsciously feed some of our fears to a point that they become an imaginary wrecking ball that makes us anxious. But you know what? 90% of your fears exist just in your mind and perhaps they will never come true. So, do you find it fruitful to be anxious over something that will never happen? Know that not every thought that comes to your mind is a fact. Some just come to trick our minds. Don’t give them the power to do so. This is how you can tame your fears. You withdraw the control they have over you and free yourself from them.

While some fears can be tamed, there are other fears that we can get over. How? By facing them! Do you fear arguing with someone over something that is bothering you? Why not talk it out and see how it unfolds. Do you fear doing something? Why not do it and see how you feel.

Today, write down all your fears on a sheet of paper and then either tear or burn that paper. Emotionally release them from yourself. You are too good to hold onto them, anyway!